The Changing Places Map

The Changing Places Map is a tool developed by the government as their first sign of commitment to the Changing Places campaign. This map is a vital tool for both businesses and users alike.

Marking the completion of registration, the Changing Places Map allows businesses to advertise their facilities directly to those that might use them; including open hours, an equipment list and any other bits of relevant information customers may find useful.

For users the Changing Places Map allows you to plan your journey and ensure where you are visiting can cater to your needs.

The Features

Find A Toilet: The Find A Toilet feature allows users to search a location and see the Changing Places available within that radius.

Plan Your Journey: The Plan Your Journey feature allows users to set a starting location and a destination. The map will then calculate the route highlighting all the Changing Places toilets along the way

The Benefits

  • Overall the map is helpful for users to plan a visit and choose destinations in advance of attending.
  • It also allows users and their carers to spend longer at the destinations often resulting in more money being spent.
  • The Map allows businesses to advertise direct to customers and ensure the right people know about what facilities are available.
  • Having a list and pictures also allow users to acclimatise to that environment and understand what to expect in advance of attendance. This is particularly important for those with Autism.