Changing Places Toilets for Retail

Changing Places Toilets for Retail

Shopping centres and retail stores are places where CP users will want to visit with their families. These venues are becoming more accessible, with the introduction of ‘Purple Tuesday’ in 2018 – The UK’s Accessible Shopping Day.

Large retailers are also focussing on making their products more inclusive, such as ‘easy dress’ clothing for children with additional needs. Great steps are being made, but there are still a lack of Changing Places facilities within retail venues, restricting ¼ of a million people in the UK from shopping with confidence. 

Special Considerations / Legislation:

Legislative Requirements Jan 2021

Under the Government’s new Changing Places rules, which came into force in January 2021, shopping centres and retail parks with a gross floor area of 30,000m2 or more, or retail premises with a floor area of 2,500m2 or more, will be required to install a Changing Places toilet if it is a new build or the building is undergoing a major refurbishment. Download the changes to the Building Regulations

Access & Signage

It is important that your Changing Places toilet is easy to access within your venue, CP facilities should be located in the same area as your other toilet facilities if possible. Information on CP facilities should be available at reception areas, directories, maps and Shop mobility Centres.

Checks & Maintenance

It is important that regular CP checks are made within venues such as supermarkets and shopping centres. This is to ensure that all equipment is in working order and ready for next use. Large volumes of people may be using the toilet, so hygiene and working equipment is paramount.

Branding & Theming

A Changing Places toilet should fit in seamlessly with the look and feel of your store. Why not include a feature wall or accent colours to make this an inviting space. Aveso are on hand to provide tips and advice, using our experience of what looks great.

General Public Access

Retail environments are open to the general public, and therefore have a duty to make Changing Places toilets accessible to anyone who may need them. It important to make sure you have thought about the placement of your facility and how people will be able to access this from outside the venue.


The Business Case:

There are more than 12 million disabled people in the UK who have a combined spending power of £249 billion1. When you consider Changing Places help 1/4 million people, that is a combined spending power of £5.2 billion. Providing Changing Places not only allow Changing Places users to enjoy the services available but also offer a new stream of revenue to Retail and Commercial businesses.

1 – Information provided by the Purple charity.