This week we are delighted to welcome Alison Beevers as our guest blogger. Alison has been campaigning for Changing Places for years in an attempt to improve the conditions she has faced trying to change her nine-year-old son Mylor, who suffers from cerebral palsy.



It’s interesting how our campaigning For a Changing Places facility has changed shape since we started 16 months ago. It began with getting in touch with other people, writing letters, distributing leaflets and arranging meetings (serious but necessary stuff), in the last few months it’s become far more of a team effort and a definitely more fun!

When we found out in January that Retford was going to get a changing Places, we pledged to raise £2000 towards its first year running costs. We set up a crowdfunding page, (Go Fund Me) which helped us to launch our plans on social media. It was also a good short term

Retford campaigner Alison Beevers speaks about her recent successes solution for accounting and handling donations. After a few weeks’ people began to contact us to ask how they could help, Community spirit was brilliant! Singing groups (Village Harmony, Bel Canto) and local bands (Mission Creep) raised £1100 for through gigs and outreach concerts and it gave us lots of opportunities to explain to the public the importance of Changing Places. By the end of April we had almost met our 2K target but there was one more thing left on our ‘to do’ list! The Doo For A Loo!

We hosted ‘The Future is Brighter Fundraiser ‘in early May at a lovely venue The Opera Rooms in Retford!  We decorated it with giant 1m Bonza balloons, tissue pompoms and
 CP selfie cut outs on each table to keep our costs down. This was all thanks to Victoria Feddersen and Claire Plevin who got very arty and glittery over a few evenings! We’re also very lucky to know lots of local talented musicians who helped us out on the night

Retford campaigner Alison Beevers speaks about her recent successes

 to entertain the crowd. I think the photos show the spirit of the evening! It was fantastic! Paparazzi on arrival thanks to Local Photographer Sally Outram! A gorgeous 3 course meal to a background of live music! Our local MP John Mann attended to show his support and it brought our fundraising to a grand total of £3114.41!!!

We’re taking things a little slowly at the moment but continue to raise further awareness!

Victoria Feddersen who runs her own page (365 days of Phelan Lucky, awareness of Phelan-McDermind Syndrome) flew the flag for Changing Places at St Giles School, Retford on their market place day. This was to ensure all the parents/staff knew

Retford campaigner Alison Beevers speaks about her recent successes

 about the plans for the town centre facility. Luckily the message seems to of reached lots of people and major brands already!

Right now were looking forward to officially rolling out the plans for the Retford facility and continue to work with Changi

ng Places to share awareness. It’s been quite something to see the CP selfie Kit reach America from its humble beginnings in Retford! We’re so proud it’s helped to raise global awareness!

Alison Beevers

Retford campaigner Alison Beevers speaks about her recent successes


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